Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Por fin!

At last!
I am back online, with a dongle. Speed isn't the best, but at least I have access to the world again and the now the world has access to me too. Oh joy!

No pics today, just cleaning the cobwebs and trying to start to think again.

We are now living in Spain in a house that is nearly finished, but at least it is a place to call home and all our Irish possessions have also made their way here. I seem to have dumped certain things which would be very useful now and will most certainly turn up objects before too long which will make me say "why?" "what on earth!?" Still on the whole I am really happy to find myself re-aquainted (why can't I spell that!) with my own things; plates, cutlery, hammers, glasses and throws. I feel more whole again. But where oh where is the tin opener and my lump hammer and cold chisels!?

Anyway. I will have to sort out some photos - there are lots but I have completely lost touch in the last three months and then I will be back with a vigour.

Until then - enjoy the weather, if you have it, or your families or pets - I suppose I mean to say, enjoy life.


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