Monday, 21 June 2010

I know, I know!

It has been longer than I intended. Many Ferias have come and gone. The last one with a medieval feel has just finished. It has taken an awful long time to get all my things sorted and stacked to a degree that I know where most things are and can start to do things again.

We had a lot of computer troubles too in the last couple of months and in the end I have had to bite the bullet and buy a new computer, as the screen on my laptop had died. we hadn't intended to buy a new computer at this time and as a result I have had to settle for a smaller, less powerful one than I was hanging out for. Still it is very nice: an entry level 21 inch Imac with a little extra RAM to allow me to work the way I like to with all my windows open and flapping in the breeze!

We also attended to hanging most of my drawings and paintings. I know that some of them are in the wrong places and some are at the wrong height etc. but it was important for me to get them sorted and up off the floor and out of packing. It has made an awful lot of space and slowly the place starts to get that airy feel about it that I was hoping for. We have put the fitted wardrobes on hold for a bit - until the money starts coming in again - but that too will clear things up even more as all the old hanging rails and open shelving will be hidden from view with all their clutter. I loved the fitted wardrobes we had in Norway as they were so big and deep that I could, if pushed, pick up all my clothes off the floor and just stick them inside on a ledge until I had time to deal with them. Instant house-tidy!

And now...I am designing again. Today for the first time since I came here I have lifted a coloured pencil and started a drawing. I do not want to elaborate at this point as it is early days, but I am just happy to be at least a little bit creative again.

I know that i still have no photo at least attached here, but I promise very soon to continue with a more visual blog again. More important at this time is to try to keep the creativity and words flowing.

And so, goodbye for now, but hopefully not for long

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