Friday, 25 June 2010

and the struggle continues

Well, here I am again - sat in front of my computer after a most frustrating week. You will laugh when I tell you what I have been trying to design - without much success all week. I am trying my hand at swimming pool design!

Well it makes sense really doesn't it. After all we are living in a country populated by people and pools, well and the odd goat too of course. So pools seemed to be logical and, as I thought at the outset, it must be simple enough. But no. I have made several attempts so far. Four attempts in fact, but none of them are coming up trumps for me right now. I am not going to show any here for that reason. I hate showing my work to anyone when it is not going very well and right now I am sitting here completely frustrated.

Otherwise I was just thinking how well we are starting to settle here and accept the weather along with the flies and mosquitos. We start to learnt the tactics for living with these other creatures we now find in our lives. Not without a slew of bites already in place though. Vic was saying how he has hardly got bitten at all for a change, so I have to remind him that it is because he is living with the number one mosquito magnet. I must have a label stuck on my back - written in mosquite of course - which says 'Fresh meat, sweet blood, very tasty and nutritious' We now have one of those mosquito repellant plug-ins in the bedroom. It seems to work very well. The scars will fade.

Vic saw a snake in the garden today! It was too quick for me and was gone before I got to the window. He said it was about four feet long. I don't think I would be too happy to meet that out while planting primroses, but I daresay he would run for cover rather than stay and fight if it came to it. When I looked out I saw a rather lovely yellow parrot flying past! Still quite thrilling.

Right - I will keep this short today, but will write again soon and hopefully with at least one successful pool design to show at that point. Watch this space....

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