Friday, 31 July 2009


Well, rainy days seem to have come to stay!

It is absolutely lashing today - it almost feels like Ireland. I don't think I will be budging from the apartment today, glad now that i did my little bits of shopping yesterday.

I thought that this drypoint print most resembled the day that we see before us - rainy, wet and grey. This is a view out of the back window of my old house - I put in a balloon and the leaves on the wire - the wires are outside and the sort of abstract mountain in the centre. So in fact it has become something more than the view outside my window, but that is what an imagination is for!

The rain is such a pity though, as for me this is a very happy day - it is our anniversary! I can hardly believe it, but this day, two years ago my Darling Victor asked me if I would like to go with him to a concert. It was Richie Havens - who I had never heard of before, but who is now inextricably linked with my past as well as my future. If ever I meet him again I will shake his hand and thank him for the magic he created on that evening that led to two people falling in love and being more or less inseparable from that day onwards.

As we were both so old (hehehe!) we did not see much point in beating around the bush - we moved in together pretty quickly, throwing caution to the wind. We both agreed that the worst thing that could happen would be that it would not work out. But here we are still, so far so good.

That night was very romantic though. Vic really pulled out all the stops, even though I thought we were only going out as mates. He took me for a lovely meal and a bottle of wine at 'The Boqueria' in Cork. Then we made our way to 'Cypress Avenue for the Concert'. I was still trying to be just a mate, I bought my round of drinks etc etc. Twit! But later on in the evening and in the dark of the club, we kissed!

Well, that was it although I hasten to say that Vic put me in a cab home at the end of the night. It was all very proper and he is a gentleman and I did want to think things over too. It is difficult to think straight with your heart beating like a drum in your ears and with a few too many drinks swimming around your brain.

But obviously, even sober and cool in the morning light, I realised that this was a pretty good thing.

Oh Dear! I didn't mean to blab about all of that to all and sundry - and of course I could still delete it and just talk about the art and the rainy day. But where is the fun in that. This is, after all a blog, and for me that is a stream of consciousness, no matter what comes out. I just hope that I have not embarrassed anyone by this relevation - that anyone being Vic of course. But I don't think I have said anything untoward here. It was a good night and the start of a really good thing - and it just keeps on getting better and better.

Cheers Vic :-) x

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