Friday, 17 July 2009

Fern Frond - my first new print!

I am really excited about this today!
It is my excuse for not getting round to posting yesterday. I was completely absorbed, and a bit under the hammer, with trying to get this hand painted linocut print completed. I made two other similar, handcoloured prints, as well - I was trying to work out the colours and what I want in the final Artist's Proof print.

You will see from this print, however, that it is not entirely even but I know what went wrong with it and there is nothing I can do until i can get my hands on a proper press (and also a thickener for my ink) to create the edition. Still I am really excited. I have been working towards my first new print for the whole year really, so problems and technicalities not withstanding, this is a really big deal for me.

The picture itself has been posted before, so you might recognise it. I did the original as a watercolour and pen and ink. I liked the original and thought that it had potential to make a really nice print. I think it does and I hope you think so too.

For me this is a huge step forward. As I have already said I been working towards making prints of this type for a long time now, but living here in Stavanger, in an apartment I have had to battle with limitations like getting supplies and getting access to tools and equipment - not to mention a lack of space. The last time Vic went home to the UK he struggled back with ink and rollers and a huge roll of gorgeous printing paper (Hahne Muehle - natural). He is very patient, waiting for weeks to see the results of his labours. But now he sees before him - albeit taking up even more table, couch and wall space - the fruit.

As we had another issue (about the new house) to deal with last night I have not yet had any feedback from him on the prints and what he thinks. So he too can now have a leisurely look at the print and we can discuss over dinner this evening! ;-)

What a relief! And that is a little pun as it is a 'relief' print hehehehe!


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