Thursday, 22 July 2010

all sorts

Well, the heat continues and so do I.

I noticed today that my shoulder does not click as often as it used to (please do not let me be tempting fate!) and I do not remember the last time that it ached. I have hardly used any painkillers since moving here. Is that the heat or is it all the olive oil? I really have no idea, but a new lease of life is not something that I wish to hand back.

50 is the new 16!

Still, just so that you do not all become insanely jealous of my ‘perfect’ life here, I do have to contend with the ants!

The other evening I was a bit tired and decided that I would put out the rubbish in the morning, when I went out for my walk. So I toddled off to bed. On waking I did the normal things, going to the toilet, splashing a bit of water on my face, looking bleary eyed at the face staring back at me. Got dressed and went down in the usual sort of morning trance. Put my hand in under the sink to get the rubbish bag and YIKES! You guessed it – they were charging up my arm like lots of little aliens from one of those ghastly films that make your flesh creep for days after watching them.

That woke me up.

Under the tap went the arm and for the next 20 minutes I was battling lots of little black creepy crawlies that were running around like demented warriors as they tried to avoid my washcloth and various insect sprays. I did all the corners – taking care not to get any on any food – although already wise to the threat of ants I keep all my food in the fridge now, so there really wasn’t much, only an old lemon or so.

I eventually got out for my walk – with the rubbish bag double-wrapped, to be dropped off.

Of course later on I had to wash the whole kitchen floor and all the counter tops with some detergent and bleach because the whole incident made me feel a bit dirty and in actual fact, as I had used sprays it made sense to clean off any splashed insecticides.

In fact there are a whole new range of creepy crawlies living in this country. The jumping spiders really freak me out and they do not stand a chance I am afraid against me and the mop. I know you will think I am terribly cruel, but I do exterminate as quickly as possible – with as little suffering caused either to the insect (or arachnid) in question or myself. It is definitely a case of survival of the fittest around here – or the fattest hehehe! Anyway it is my house and I will share it with other creatures of my own choosing only.

I still get bitten by the mosquitos on a regular basis also, but just try to minimize the attacks, using my plug in and sometimes some spray on repellants if I am going out of an evening. That cracks me up too: I am going out, so I shower and wash my hair and spray my body with various potions and unguents and then when I am polished and pressed and smelling like a tart’s boudoir I go and lash on the Deet! Which just about covers everything else up.

Ho hum – I suppose that is the law of the jungle too.

Right I’m off

PS by the way – got two baby pigeon chicks in the drainpipe, does that qualify me for being a mum again!

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