Wednesday, 14 July 2010

a glimpse of our town

I suppose because it is such a new experience for me - but i love the way the heat makes me feel like part of Spain. It is as if I am melting into the very earth, or into the pavement - so that I become part of the town. You cannot be coy when there is liquid pouring out of every pore, there is something completely sensual and personal about it.

The barriers are down before you start to speak with anyone - everyone is hot.

This is a glimpse of our town and our beautiful parish church. Oh and just check out those stunning mountains!! It was taken the other other morning. I go out earlier and earlier for my walk but cannot avoid the heat now, so i just have to be hot on my walk too - there is no early morning coolness to enjoy.

But ask me if I care!


I love it.

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