Monday, 12 July 2010

Cuckoo Spite

Finally I get to show you my medal which I made for the British Art Medal Society ( I made it while still living in Norway and all the time it was simmering away in the background, getting cast and finished for me - as i was not in a position to do any of the work myself.

It is called Cuckoo Spite and, yes you have of course seen the drawings I did for it already in this blog. It is a sad little medal about birth and death and the fight for survival in a dog eat dog world - some of my favourite themes.

I was very pleased with the way it turned out and am very pleased also that it is selling well. If only I could sell all my work, I would be a millionaire. Well perhaps that is a little of an exaggeration but you know what I mean.

Meanwhile the weather here has turned very, very hot. But do you hear me complain? Not on your nelly. I am embracing it and trying to acclimatize. It would make a cat laugh at how we used to go out in the spring, after all the winter rains had passed and sit in the warming sunshine, slowly rotating and uncovering our bodies limb by limb until we were quite brown and glowy looking all over. Now we dart for the cover of shade. When we have to go out and about we cling close to the walls of the buildings and choose the narrower streets with the high buildings which keep the roads and us well covered from the heat of the sun.

My tan has faded somewhat, but I am still sufficiently coloured to pass as brown-ish and there is still enough protection in my skin to stop me from burning.

The house has become my sanctuary really - of course I have to work indoors but that suits me very well now. I leave as many windows and doors open as possible to create a draft and any time I wish I can just cast an eye out the window to see the ever-changing views of the mountains and the almost never ceasing sunshine. I do realise that I am incredibly lucky.

And what's more. Spain went and won the World Cup! And I watched the match at one of our local bars and got completely swept away in the whole exciting frenzy of it. A whole town of people all laughing and smiling at the efforts and playing of a team of very few, but who represent us all. I include myself in this as of course Spain is now my new adopted country. Yes, I know i do switch allegiances very easily. But hey! when in Rome.....

not to confuse you or anything because I am plainly not in Rome :-)

talk again soon

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