Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fern Frond

Just having a little lunchtime blog.

Well I am settling down now again after my trip to Spain. Today has been far more productive and my head has cleared a bit.

Like a fern frond in the springtime I am coming out of my sleep and unfurling my limbs and my thoughts again.

This is a picture of a wonderful fern - I love the way they unroll in the early part of the year. The colour of them is so fresh and the flesh of the leaves is so luscious looking - they make you want to touch them or sense them. In this picture the person is doing just that - she cannot resist the temptation to gently feel the baby fern with her lip in order to sense the tenderness even better.

I had a great big Antarctic Tree Fern in my last house and that was an absolute wonder. Last year it put out 12 new fronds! But this is not a picture of the Tree Fern. I actually do not know what type of fern this one is, but obviously it is one of those smoother types as you can see by the adult leaves. I love the contrast of the brown and damaged older leaves that make the new growth even more luscious.

I am very happy with this painting - I love the large scale of the leaves, larger than life and i like the way they are well defined and have a tension as well as a harmonic feel to them. I also like the background which I think is a bit mysterious as it is not quite clear what is going on. It is a bit like an abstract painting. And I like the way the face fits into the fern and becomes a part of it. But you know that I love that connection between humans and the natural world.

I hope you like the picture as much as I do.

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