Monday, 29 June 2009


When rifling through my portfolio in search of a suitable image for today, I thought that this picture had a certain Monday morning feel about it.

I know, you don't have to remind me that it is in fact now Monday afternoon. But when Monday morning is really Monday-morningish then it is not bound by time or even day.

If things are really bad you can actually have a perfectly respectable Monday morning on a Tuesday afternoon! or even Midday on a Wednesday if things still have not rectified. By Thursday that Friday feeling is starting to kick in 'Thank Crunchie!' so the feeling is a whole lot better and it is really hard to have that Monday morning feel any later in the week at all!

But for now - Monday Morning. All tangled and prickly with dark black coffee and an unpleasant deep red throbbing in the temples.

Although, to be fair, this painting was not done about Monday Morning at all. This was simply a celebration of Teasels. i do like Teasels - although after letting them loose in my garden a year or so ago I realise why some people view them as a scourge. They really do manage to seed themselves everywhere - even in the lawn. So I don't think that I will be introducing them into the garden in Spain. I am sure that in the mediterranean climate they would be even more rampant. I am also sure that there are plenty of indigenous weeds that will persecute me when I start to garden there anyway.

I like this drawing though - I like the lively quality of the plants and the perspective that I achieved in it. I also like the way it has other stems lurking darkly in the background.

On another note - the weather here is still phenomenal, although the sun is not shining through as much today. It was quite hazy this morning and now there are some quite serious dark clouds gathering. i wonder if it might not give us a thunderstorm!

Lucky i got the washing done over the weekend - all the sheets and all the towels, the lot. all washed and dried quickly and easily in the heat.

and on that domestic note - i will close for now and hope you enjoy today's picture!

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