Thursday, 4 June 2009

Templebar in Long Trousers

As i have been speaking about commissions - I now speak about competitions.
i enter a lot of competitions - unfortunately i do not always win. On one hand I enjoy it, because of course there is the promise of real money at the end of it - held up like a great juicy carrot or a Lotto win. But of course, just like a lotto win the odds are definitely stacked against me. Well, that is not strictly speaking true. The odds are not against me personally but like a lottery the picture chosen is chosen at the whim of the judges of the competition. It is really pot-luck which way they will go. That said, sometimes the resulting entry is not always as great as one of my own pictures, drawn out of my imagination and own interests.
Take this picture. It was designed for the cover of a tourist guide for the Templebar area of Dublin. Templebar is an area of great tourism in Dublin and it attracts a lot of street performers and markets. There is a food market there now and books and bric a brac. The theme of the competition was the coming of age of Templebar. It is now 25 years (i think) since the area was overhauled and turned into a more desirable area. So the organisers wanted to draw attention to this. So I have drawn a typical Templebar scene with one of the bohemian types, with his flowing dreadlocks adjusting the sleeve of his very smart jacket. You see, Templebar has come of age and has grown out of his short trousers - and is now an adult.

Well that was my idea - i tried - but did not succeed on this occasion. Still I thought i would just put this picture in because it is at least very colourful and shows my determination to try things out. I don't think it is one of my best but i will post it anyway because I did it and I entered it.

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