Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Shot Like an Arrow Through the Heart

And now for something small and sensitive:

I made this piece in the last year of my degree. It is a piece that has stayed with me (in memory only - because it was snapped up at my degree show). There is something about it that does something to me on a very spiritual level.

For me there is something about the line of it. It is very fluid yet not cissy. I cannot say how I made it to look this way, it was simply made as a feeling and response to my life at the time. A gut feeling you could say.

What does the title mean you might ask?
This too is something that just came about in a very natural way.

At this time I was living on my own - well, on my own with two children and two dogs. I had been married for ten years and was really feeling quite lonely on my own - what can I say - i had a few 'relationships' It was like starting all over again - I made all the same mistakes and some new ones, but each one taught me something. Though in the doing I got shot through the heart once or twice. An occupational habit i guess.

So this is a sort of arrow and a sort of bird and a sort of abstract. But very sensitive.

Made from aluminium, polished and pigmented
20cm long approximately

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