Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Jimmy's Girls - a commission

This is a bit of a change of direction.

Every so often I get a chance to do a commission. Sometimes it is a medal or a sculpture but this one was for a drawing of 'Jimmy's Girls'
I was really quite pleased with this. Portraits are not always easy, but this one turned out well.
I admit - it is not a real portrait, as in from a live model with sittings and all that - that is really difficult, but of course gives far more interesting results.
This is a simple copy from a photograph of the two girls.
Still - I was happy with the likeness and happy that the figures came out looking quite round - working from a photo often results in a flatter picture.

I wanted to include this in my blog just to show that there are more strings to my bow than just what i am currently doing. I can turn my hand to portraiture should the commission arise. I enjoy the challenge and enjoy trying to get the likeness. However, I would prefer live sittings, however frustrating, in order to be able to try to capture the real person rather than just copying a snapshot - because that is all you get - a copy of a snapshot. That said, this was a very nice snapshot - the girls have an aura and distinct personalities.

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