Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Wondabrella

Hello good people this is my painting entitled 'The Wondabrella' as you can see.

Ever since i was a little girl I have been fascinated with umbrellas - you would be surprised to find though that i rarely buy them these days - i only have the obligatory one or two - although I have to say that I have a rather smart checked one which I bought in Spain. Still it was touch and go that i would get one that day. it was pouring with rain, it was after all a rather dreary February day in the south of Spain, and I did not know a shop where i could buy one so I asked a man who was standing at the doorway of our local bar (Pedro's wonderful emporium). Now my Spanish is severely limited (although I am working on it) so I asked him in my best Spanish "Donde comer me una Paragua" he looked rather surprised i must say, and I am certain that Spanish speakers among you are also splitting your sides at this time. Rethinking the situation I suddenly realised my mistake. "Oh no! i said i mean comprar! Donde comprar me una Paragua. for those who do not speak Spanish - like me - comprar means buy, that is "where can I buy an umbrella?" Comer means EAT! Do the translation hehehe!

But i digress. I think I was talking about being a little girl and loving umbrellas. When i was really little my mother always took us along to annual bazaars and jumble sales. She would give me a great big brown penny to spend and i would dart off to look for things of interest. Things of interest at that time were invariably either things that glittered eg jewellery or umbrellas. I struck many a deal for an umbrella, whether broken or otherwise, it never seemed to matter much. usually the stallholder was so amused that a small girl would want an umbrella that they usually gave them to me for nothing. I used to be able to bag quite a bargain in those days - but bagging bargains is another story altogether - ask my better half.

Now - the Wondabrella - this is a sort of wonderful forest canopy. it is a little comment on rain forests and the importance thereof as well.
It is a little bit of fantasy also and there is the wonder of rain and the forest and a little bit of the symmetry and beauty of nature

I have also made a model for a medal based on this theme but have not yet got a chance to cast it. One thing leads on to another in art.

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