Monday, 10 August 2009

A Lovely Nude for Monday and a little weep

Here is a nice nude study to cheer you up!

It cheers me anyway!

Not that I need cheering. It has been a good day on the whole. Perhaps a bit Monday-ish in the morning, even though there was no alcohol involved for a change. Monday Morning is just that - Monday Morning. Still as it is no longer Monday Morning anymore, then I have nothing to moan about.

The weather last evening and today has been really good. Very warm and seemingly settled. There is a lovely autumnal tinge in the air - which I love. It excites me and makes me cry. Not a sad cry, I hasten to say, but in fact a very happy sort of expectant crying, if that makes any sense.

So over the weekend and today I had a couple of little weeps - for absolutely no reason at all - and I was not in the least bit sad. I could blame the dreaded Menopause but actually I have always been like this, ever since I was a little girl. It used to upset my father quite a lot as he thought I was melancholy. I think I might have been more melancholy then as a matter of fact. But now I am definitely not.

I really enjoy a good tearful outpouring from time to time. There is nothing like putting on a weepy film and opening a bottle of wine and a box of Kleenex. D'you know what is even better than that - watching that weepy film and sharing the wine and the Kleenex with my daughter, who is also a great old weeper!

It is justice I am certain. When I was a little girl I was the only one of us Gregoriy children who had this propensity to weep at sad films and of course all the other Gregoriy children made wicked fun of me when I did - them being children and cruel! It made enjoyment of a good weep very difficult. Even when I was married my then husband and children used to gather around me when we were watching anything weepy waiting for me to crack so they could have a good snigger at my expense - Kate, my daughter, had not yet developed her own weepiness at that stage, or perhaps she could control it better than I. Anyway, she was a child and inherently cruel, so I was just the target!

Apparently my dad used to cry at films - his favourite being "Dumbo, The Elephant" but my mother also used to mock him when he was at it, which must have really wounded his male ego.

Vic has promised me "Love Story", a box of Maltesers and a box of tissues for my Christmas Present to take with me to Ireland for my Christmas visit to Kate. For some reason he encourages me to weep. It must be the real thing!

Anyway - enough of that - I am actually happy today and am not crying at the moment either so I will have no name calling and there is no need for sympathy either.

Just enjoy the nude.

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