Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Seed flight 2


Another busy, busy day!

But look, i promised you my newest medal. It is called 'Seed Flight 2' and that is what it is about.

It was really jsut an excuse to do a study of some beautiful flying seeds - they are not completely true to life, I took a few liberties, but real seeds are sometimes even stranger so i don't feel that I have really cheated - well maybe just a little bit.

It is raining again :-( just when I thought we were going to get the summer back for August at least.

I am also a little bit tired today as Vic took me out for an impromptu night out. He was very mysterious about it when he got home. He just said that we were going out a bit later on but would not tell me where we were going or why!

There was a concert on in 'The Ovenpaa' pub - where they have a blues club. It was an Irish singer/songwriter called Grainne Duffy. I had not heard of her before, but I have now. I thought she was very good, as was her band. It was really nice to hear Irish accents again too.

It is probably the latest we have been out in about 9 months!

I will try to be more awake and chatty tomorrow zzzzzz...........

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