Friday, 14 August 2009

Thinking of Toadstools

It has been a good week.

I have just finished my second drawing/painting in my 'Many Faces of Vic' series.

I feel very satisfied - it is always good to produce stuff in a measurable way.

It was when I was cycling in the forest and I saw some wonderful Autumn mushrooms underneath the trees. It made me think about Vic thinking about mushrooms or in this instance I thought toadstools would be more fun. So this is my muse with toadstools on his mind. I am certain though that he does not think about Funghi as often as I do.

But this image came to mind and now i put it before you. I think this is a bit better than the Jester as I did not go quite so heavy on the pen and ink part which made the jester rather scary!

Another week is done. It is Friday. We will go for a couple of drinks and Pizza at the Martinique and then come home and probably fall asleep on the couch and in armchairs. After a week of hard work I think that this is perfectly acceptable. We will have the weekend now to recharge the batteries. No plans, just going to potter, although I believe that football season starts tomorrow so that might guide us to some degree.

Have a nice weekend!

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