Thursday, 6 August 2009

Seed Flight 1

I made this medal first - before the other one that i posted yesterday.

I made this one before i left Ireland actually. i modelled it in wax and was down to limited resources at that time as most of my equipment and materials had already been removed to storage. But i did have an old bag of Plaster of Paris so could at least make plaster moulds of the two sides of it.

I brought these with me to Norway and have been guarding them carefully since then until a time that i was in a position to take an impression from the mould and make it into a medal. Which I have now done.

Now that this is a bit more permanent - made from Super Sculpey as it is - i feel a lot happier and it will go into my cache of medal models for future bronze casting.

I think you can see that this medal is a different style from the ones I have been making lately - there is less detail but perhaps more raw expressiveness. i like the sense that the little girl is being lifted off the ground by the great big dandelion fluff and is going to be carried away in the sky to land who knows where?

Good weather seems to have returned to Stavanger again - it was really warm today. The sun is full out now as well - I hope it lasts. Going for a cycle in the morning is much easier when the weather is good and i really do not like cycling when it is windy.

Once the frosts come in the winter I will try to sell my bike. It is hopeless trying to cycle when there is ice on the ground, especially with the hills here. I will not be able to take my bike to Spain with me, which is a pity as I am getting quite fond of her now. I try to remain aloof, but the more you cycle a bike, the more you grow into them. It is always the case and we are getting to know each other better and better every day - i will wake up one morning welded to the saddle I know it and what will become of me then!

Still I am getting ahead of myself - i am intent on enjoying the next few months here. I need to use the time as productively as possible and get as much art work done as possible, because when i get to Spain I will be very busy getting our house sorted there before i get the time to do any work. So for now it will be model, paint, cut and print and enjoy the Norway summer and the clear Norwegian air.

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