Friday, 7 August 2009

The Wondabrella - a medal

Another Friday.

The weeks are simply flying by and contrary to my getting ahead of myself as in yesterday's blog (and almost wishing myself to the end of the year) I am actually desperate to hold the years back.

Like any other person growing older, i count the wrinkles and the grey hairs and imagine that if I feel and behave like a sixteen year old i may actually still pass as one! Actually, when a 49 year old behaves like a sixteen year old they generally pass for a twit!

Still, i live in the vague hope that one day one of the girls in the Vinmonopolet will ask me for some ID when making my alcoholic purchases there. In actual fact, they generally meet my hopeful gaze with that sort of patronizing smile you generally reserve for your slightly demented granny.

Ooops! Like a demented old granny I seem to have rather got off the point:
It is Friday and here is your Friday artwork.

I have decided to finish off the week with another medal - I have been very busy in the medal department lately - This one is called "The Wondabrella" - you may remember the study I did for this and posted a while back (May 31st in fact). So you can go back and look up the concept as I described it then - which is, succinctly, a comment on deforestation and global warming. of course, you will get a more rambling description if you go back and investigate - but then you might not want to risk that.

You will notice that the last three medals i have posted are spray-painted gold. This is only temporary and is not the intended finish. After getting these models cast up in bronze i will consider the patination very carefully and at that time I will choose more suitable and less garish colours. The only reason they are gold is because that is all I could get at the 'pound' shop in Stavanger - I say that reservedly, because there is really no such thing as a discount store in Norway!!

Why do I bother to spray them at all?

Well, the Super-sculpey does sometimes get smudges from dirty fingers or pencil marks etc on it which distracts from the form. Also in the baking process it seems to bubble a bit just under the surface - it does not come through, so the surface is not spoiled, but again you cannot quite make out the true form. By spraying it it pulls the surface back together as intended.

So now, that is it - the week is over and i will have to think about some lovely new surprises for you for Monday - i think i might need to trawl through my past catalogues on Sunday afternoon as I am getting a bit short of prepared JPEGS to post.

Have a nice weekend - I will

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