Friday, 21 August 2009

self scanning, wind and packing

This is what I feel like today!

A bit confused, a bit hungover, a bit under pressure!

Got so much to do, but my brain (and body) is just not functioning.

We got an unexpected text last evening, just as we were noshing down on a little starter of Tortilla chips and a really garlicy, oniony dip accompanied by a nice glass of red wine. The text was an invitation to nip down to the Munken for a quick drink or two with some of Vic's mates. Little did I realise that it was Thursday - 2 for 1 in the Munken on a Thursday night! Suddenly there I was with two Vodka and Cokes in front of me! It wasn't my fault I swear!

We had already had a drink or two at home as well, thinking that it was just going to be a nice quiet evening chilling in the comfort of our own four walls.

It was a strange day yesterday - there was a peculiar, very strong wind blowing, but it was really hot like the Mistral, Sirocco, Foehn, Chinook or whatever you wish to call it. I had little rivulets of sweat running down the backs of my legs, and that was just after an easy stroll into town for some groceries. You could tell that it was going to bring something with it. Not Mary Poppins unfortunately, but rain perhaps, or thunder and lightening.

The rain did come a bit later on, luckily we were both indoors by that time, as it hammered down. It did not last too long and did nothing to dispel the electric atmosphere although I thought I did hear a small rumble of thunder.

That was while we were having the first drink at home. Then we went out and while we were in the Munken there was another torrential downpour and what I thought was a terrific clap of thunder, but it might have been someone fainting upstairs - I will never know. But again, by the time we came out it was all clear again, which makes a welcome change. I cannot tell you how many times I have stepped out of this flat after looking out the window at the sky, smiling at the sun and by the time I get down the four steps to the front door it is drizzling again!

The sun is shining today and the wind appears to have dropped. I don't really know how warm it is yet as I have the balcony door closed as the painters are outside - and in fact they have painted our own balcony now. But I think I might take a stroll into town with my camera to take a few photos. I have been eying the Icelandic poppies that grow in every nook and cranny as they have developed little elongated seed heads. These are already brown and judging by the state of the tips of them - perforated - they have already spread their seeds to the four winds. Which is great as it means that next year there will be an equally impressive show of orange and yellow in all the untended bits of Stavanger.

We were only speaking last night about the severe shortness of time we have left here now and how I really need to pack in some more photography before we are gone for good. I won't have the chance again and Stavanger really has some beautiful and very characterful things to see

I started packing yesterday. A little bit previous you might think, but actually it is the first phase of packing. Vic is going home to the UK at the end of next week and is going to take some of my stuff with him. Let me explain:

When I came over to Norway - all those months ago now - I knew I could only bring my baggage allowance with me, but of course I needed more than one pair of shoes and one jacket. I am not a man! So I started posting parcels of clothes and provisions before I left Ireland. I think there were five in all and each one weighed about 10 or 12 kilos, if I remember rightly. Now, at the other end of our sojourn here I am posed with the same problem - not to mention that of course I have bought some new clothes while here as well as art supplies etc etc - you know what it is like the way things accumulate over time.

Planning ahead, Vic has two trips home before December and I have one trip to Spain so I am packing up the first installment of my stuff for his first trip next week.

Our final trip out together on the 20th of December we may still have to look at booking an extra bag each - there is still all the electronic equipment, laptops, harddrives etc. I really wish I had a simpler more streamlined existence!

I must say we are both looking forward to having all our stuff in one place finally. The itinerant lifestyle is great in one way, but not if you accumulate stuff like I do, and in fact, even though he thinks he is so superior to me in this matter, Vic too has loads of stuff and I would venture to say even more clothes than me!

So on that note - and probably setting the tone for this evening's 'discussions' with himself I will leave you, and wish you a very lovely weekend.

Me, I will have to peel my face off the scanner and get up and down to business!

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