Sunday, 24 May 2009

apologies for being a very bad blogger

when i began this blog i don't think i really appreciated what a blog is.
i still don't think that i fully understand but i am now making a concerted effort to keep it up and keep on pushing.
Actually somebody who i love dearly has kicked my butt and said "do it"
so this is a first response to that.

What he really wants me to do is to upload some pictures of my work - so tomorrow morning that is what i will start to do although in no particular order to begin with.

i will however, sit down with a pencil and paper first thing and try to make a bit of a plan so that when somebody comes to view the site they will be taken on some sort of a journey. I would like that.

So to begin - where I am now. it is two years later from my first postings and I am living for the time being in Norway - which is pretty cool. i have been working very hard for the last 6 months or so and am starting to see an interesting body of new work emerging. it is a bit eclectic but that is because my partner (he who has kicked my butt) has given me free rein to make and do as I please. He has no problem with the work that I have done to date but has noticed a trend towards my not always finishing things that I have started. He is quite correct of course because i never do work from a to b to c and so on - sometimes i skip on to p and q all of a sudden and then back to h. but he does not quite understand that yet. It is not a criticism of him, on the contrary, I am very glad that he has done a bit of butt kicking (it did not hurt that much!) and it has focussed me onto continuing this blog and posting images of my work for others to see.

So for tonight i will say goodnight but in the morning WATCH THIS SPACE

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