Sunday, 24 May 2009

The first day of the rest of my life

Good Morning,

Today i promised to enclose the first images of new work.

Here they come....

When looking at these works please bear in mind that they were my very first baby steps after a period in my life of great upheaval and change. These are little warm up excercises, in A4 format and smaller and were created at the end of 2008.

All the same - I was quite pleased with the way they worked out. Although it had been some time since i had made any art they still are 'in my style'

Now you may ask what is 'my style'? i suppose it would be easier for an outsider to answer this question but from my own perspective my work is usually nature based but within that theme i try to convey emotion and feeling. primarily I would use symbolism - so look up the symbolism of different plants - although sometimes the symbolism is personal - i have my own feelings about what things mean - if that makes it any easier! Hehehe!

Now, nature also contains us people and animals, so they will crop up in my work too. Plants are easier, less complicated, so that is why I started here. I love the sinuous form of plants. That is definitely in my style. i have to say i do adore 'Art Nouveau' which is decorative - i would apply that label to my own art - it is decorative. Even when the themes in my work are quite dark I try to make something beautiful out of it.

So - not to go on too long - I would rather the work speaks for itself: Nature, symbolism, beauty, emotion and feelings - those are the elements in my work. Oh yes, and fantasy and imagination will crop up a bit later on too!

the sinuous line in my 'Physalis' and the 'pearl' that lies within,
the sadness of the 'Crushed leaves',
and the dark beauty of the somnolent 'Opium Poppies'

I hope that helps

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