Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tender Footfall on the Forest Canopy

I am painting at the moment but decided that i would drop another picture into my blog - because i have a fair few more to drop in there.

This one is my first proper painting of a Metamoth.  

A Metamoth is a chymeric creature/person who crops up quite often in my work practice.  Thinking aloud i should really put together a full Metamoth post.  Hmmm?  that is something to work out - it could include the meaning and symbolism of Metamoth so that everyone would know who she is.  Not right now though.  Right now i am just posting this for you to look at.  

it is a painting of the courtship of Metamoth the father and the beautiful dryad, the mother.   What more is there to say about it - Courtship is courtship.  they are falling in love and he is showing her his tender caring side and he will court her with flowers and leaves and wonderful things that he finds in the forest.  But that is a whole other story for another day.

I am afraid the painting is not going that well for me today - not that this is unusual.  i find painting quite difficult and no matter what I am doing, whether it is a sculpture, painting or print there is a moment in its creation when i reach a low and i think that it is never going to amount to anything!  At those times the paintbrushes or wax tools sometimes go flying across the table and I get up and stomp around the apartment swearing like a sailor.

What i have tried to do today is introduce a bit more drawing into my painting - one of the problems in the composition were large blank areas that really had nothing to prove so I have filled them up with leaves and berries to improve the composition - oh dear I am probably wetting your appetite for my latest painting, but I am not ready to show it yet and do not want opinions on it in its unfinished state - it is something for me to work out and work through.  But I thank you anyway for your concern.

So that is enough - I will return to the painting - i would go for a brisk walk which is very good for the temper only it is raining quite heavily today and I really do not fancy getting wet.  So i will not do that.

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