Friday, 29 May 2009

Rock River

What an exciting day!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful.  Sunny and hot but with a nice little breeze which keeps everything nice and fresh.

i went out this morning to get photos of those Cruisers - The harbour was soooo busy!  I love that.  Not only the boats, cruisers and ferries on the water but all the tourists with their cameras darting off while on shore to get photos of the 'Old Stavanger' and all the locals buying fish and prawns off the trawlers, shopping in the market and generally having a good look at the big boats.  You cannot help but be impressed by them.

I got some photos but it was more difficult than usual because they were all squished into a small area and hard to isolate in the frame.

i thought that this drawing/painting was the most appropriate to post today.  it is called Rock river and is of course primarily about rock walls and trees but also contains traces of a child who has been busy using his or her imagination to make a river of the wall in the absence of a stream or a puddle.  

I like that - I like the way children can make an ocean or a river or a mountain out of the most simple and humble everyday objects.  In this instance, the wall is the choppy sea and the paper boat is perhaps a trawler or a cruiser or a battleship dancing up and down on the waves.

This is watercolour and pen and ink on Fabriano and is approximately A4 format.  I really like this picture.

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