Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Up at the ungodly hour of 4.00 a.m. this morning to see my man off on the Flybus.  I walked him down to the Fiskepiren and waved him goodbye.  He is off home for the weekend and i am all alone.  So as i was up - although feeling a bit bleary - I thought i would add the next bit to my blogfolio.

This is called 'Leaving' which is my first real foray into digital art.  I think it needs a bit more tweaking and I am not certain how one makes proper digital prints to make it a piece of art I can sell as opposed to something that I just look at on my computer.   I need to find out a bit more about resolution and print and paper quality, but the picture is there.

I like the transparency of this image because of course this is a mythical figure only alive, perhaps, in our imaginations.  So she is barely there and yet she is a big part of the forest too, bound with it and growing.

The photo alone - taken in the woody area around the Mostavnet lake in Stavanger - is a wonderful sight.  It was this forest Cathedral that inspired me to make this image as well as the painting in my previous posting.

So, very aptly, this picture is posted here on the morning that my beloved is leaving me - only temporarily mind.  So the upside of goodbye kisses is - that when he returns, when he unleaves me, it will be all the sweeter to kiss him hello again :-)

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