Monday, 25 May 2009

Winter Heartbeat

This is my first 'real' painting. it is a watercolour painting on a canvas dimensions 80x60cm. i realise that this is an untraditional method of working, but i like the way the paint responds on the canvas - it is a bit easier than watercolour on paper but has its own challenges. This painting is finished and just awaiting a varnishing which should enrich the colours.

I began a series of 12 paintings in November with this one, which is representative of the month of December. My initial idea was to do a full series of paintings each one depicting a narrative about the particular month. I had three of these completed and then went off on a bit of a tangent. However, this does not worry me unduly as i know that really it was just a stepping off point. I have diversified into, illustration, linocuts (which i cannot print at the moment because i am lacking basic equipment and materials - but this is coming soon), various smaller watercolour paintings on paper, two medals which i have submitted to the British Art Medal Society for approval for one or both as a commissioned medal in the next few months and also one little sculpture of 'metamoth'.

there will be more about Metamoth in subsequent postings.

and i will endeavour to finish the series of 'the year in months' as well. But for now this is December or Winter's Heartbeat. I do not think it needs much explanation and leave it up to the viewer to find things about it that are intriguing and beautiful as they may wish.

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